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Certified Fire Rated | Aesthetics Without Compromise

Certified Fire Rated Riser Doors

Profab certified fire rated doors have evolved over 16 years, predominantly lead by architects looking for a higher fire performing alternative to traditional timber doors, without compromising on aesthetics. Frequently specified by architects in commercial and residential buildings where clean and concealed maintenance free access is required to mechanical or electrical services within the riser shaft.

Designed and manufactured in our UK factory to your exact specification, Profab Doors fit seamlessly in masonry walls, shaft walls & drywall partitions.

As standard, our metal doors come 2 hour fire rated 3rd party certified by CERTIFIRE, 35dB acoustic rated, smoke sealed FD60(s) to FD120(s) & Air tight to Part L


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Certified Fire Rated Riser Doors | Key Features

Up to 4 Hours Fire Rated

3rd Party Certified (CERTIFIRE & UL)

35dB Acoustic Rated

Smoke Sealed

Part L Air Tight

FULLY welded 4 sided rigid box section frame

Frame options to suit finishing requirements

Full length concealed piano hinge

Concealed 3 Point locking (high-security option)

Optional safety handrails

Certified Fire Rated Riser Doors | Options

Frame Options

  • Beaded Frame. (BF) Ideal for Tape & Jointing/Skimming.
  • Picture Frame. (PF) Ideal for Retro Fitting/Finished Areas.
  • Deep Plaster Frame. (PDF) Ideal for wet plastering/float and set.
  • Exposed Egde Frame. (EEF) Ideal for Masonry/Blockwork.
  • Dutch Foled Frame. (DFF) Ideal for Masonry/Blockwork.

Lock Options

  • 3 Point Lock. (3PL)
  • 3 Point Lock. (3HL or 3HR) Prepped to Take a Euro Profile Cylinder.
  • 2 Point Lock/Concealed Access Lock (2PC)

Safety Options

  • Face mounted FDKL/FDKS signage.
  • Flush/recessed FDKL/FDKS signage.
  • Leaf leading edge mounted FDKL/FDKS signage.
  • Automatic door closer.
  • Internal mounted & restrained T-Bar key/Euro cylinder thumb turn.
  • Safety handrails. BS6180:2011

Leaf Configurations and Sizes

  • Single Leaf systems available up to 1000mm x 3100mm.
  • Double Leaf systems available up to 2000mm x 3100mm.
  • Triple Leaf systems available up to 3000mm x 3100mm.
  • Quadruple Leaf systems available up to 4000mm x 3100mm.
  • Banked Leaf systems available up to ∞ x 3100mm

Leaf Finish Options

  • Metal Door. (MD) Highly recommended option.
  • Plasterboard Door (PD)
  • Tile/Stone Clad Door (TD) & (SD)

Performance Options

  • 60mins insulated. (EI60) BS EN 1634-1: 2000
  • 42dB Acoustic Rated
  • 44dB Acoustic Rated

Certified Fire Rated Riser Doors | Unique Selling Points

In-house manufacturing enables us to offer full flexibility.

In-house manufacturing enables us to offer full flexibility in product design for projects that need to meet specific design criteria. Technical representation is available at all stages of a project if required.

3rd party certified riser doors are only available by Profab Access Ltd

Providing products that are fit for purpose is a cast iron Profab policy. To emphasise our commitment to integrity, we are the first access panel manufacturer to guarantee our products’ fire rating performance and to ensure manufacturing consistency with Certifire 3rd party certification.

Packaging & Protection.

All metal Riser Doors (MD) come with temporary flame retardant Protec PROPLEX 3MM FR HEAVY DUTY CORRUGATED PLASTIC SHEETING applied to the door face using low tack tape for surface protection throughout the project build.

Certified Fire Rated Riser Doors | Performance Data









Air Leakage


Safety Rails


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Certified Fire Rated Riser Doors | Dedicated Specifications and Projects Team

With years of experience to call on,

Our Technical team is happy to work with architects, offering advice, and providing drawings and performance test data wherever necessary, so that the architect can be confident that the product being specified is the right one for the job. If the project calls for something a little out of the ordinary, the Technical team are on hand to offer a bespoke design service using our 3D design software.

Once the design and specification have been agreed, a Project Manager will be available to attend site meetings, and to oversee every aspect of the supply process, coordinating with the main and sub contractors to ensure that the products are delivered to site on time, in accordance with the construction schedule.

Mick Hill
Specifications and Projects Manager

Kriss Pryke
Specifications and Projects Manager

Adam Major
Specifications and Projects Manager

Richard Kowalski
Specifications and Projects Manager

Jamie Smith
Export Manager

Dreek Vincent
Specifications and Projects Manager

And our service doesn’t end there.

Once the products have been delivered. In the unlikely event of any snagging issues being highlighted during the construction process, one of our team of skilled personnel will be available to visit the site and to carry out any necessary remedial work. So you can be sure that, on project completion, your installation of riser doors and access panels is of the highest possible standard.

NBS Specification


Name: Profab Access Ltd – Riser Door Division
Web: www.riserdoors.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1827 719051


4000 Series Riser Door


[ ______ ]


[Single door (SD)]
[Double door (DD)]
[Triple door (3D)]
[Quad door (4D)]
[Multiple doors (CA*)]


[Non fire rated (NFR)]
[1 hour fire rated (1FR)]
[2 hour fire rated (2FR)]
[4 hour fire rated (4FR)]
[UL certified (UFR)]




[Beaded frame (BF)]
[Beaded frame with flush recessed skirting (BFRS)]
[Picture frame (PF)]
[Dutch fold frame (DFF)]
[Deep plaster frame (DPF)]


[3 point budget lock (3PL)]
[High security lock (3HS)]

* Number of leafs
** As standard

Certified Fire Rated Riser Doors | BIM Downloads

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